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The motivation behind every stage of our research, development and production process comes from the wish to create exclusive products with exceptional sound quality and longevity, which ignite passion in the user, and reflect the true spirit of Stellavox while embracing the technologies of today.



Seventy years of history








Motivation and Ispiration

Over the last few years, the idea of continuing the Stellavox company has gradually been coming to fruition. At the same time we have been building a strategy that involves creating the necessary tools and launching new products – mostly tape recorders and audio mixers - in the spirit of the Stellavox history. This strategy is set to continue as the company moves forward.

In recent years there has been a significant increase in the demand for analog recording devices (especially more innovative ones) that combine superior, durable design with the highest sound quality and logical operation. This will be the challenge for Stellavox. Thanks to the brand history and a team of five engineers with years of experience in audio product design (in the case of Jean-Michel Simonet we are talking about 50 years at Stellavox), we can now take up this challenge and pledge to produce excellent work and results.

Leonardo Sedano and Stephan Schertler working on a prototype of the work bench WB10


During the last two years we have been working on product ideas and now plan to bring the best of these to maturity and series production. However, complex high-end audio products are not simply developed in a few months.

The first product on sale pays homage to Stellavox’s past: the L10 input/output module for the legendary TD9 tape recorder. This is a small accessory product, but highly innovative and well targeted. More information can be found under “Products”.

The first product to be designed from scratch, the WB10, is an audio workbench. Effectively a studio console, it is conceptualized with separate input sections and return to mix sections, mastering sections and more. This resourceful analog device respects today’s requirement for workflow and working methods that have changed as a result of digital technology. For maximum flexibility, the WB10 has a totally frameless modular design. More information an be found under “Products”.

More products will follow in due course. 

We will keep you informed about the development of the WB10 and other projects on which we are already working intensively.

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